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The Tiki Warrior in the “Primitive” Line … Luau anyone?



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The Rose and the Rapier


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LogoPuppet Guardian has almost doubled the maximum message length of our chat window!  Also check out the new items below.
They include several new lines:

  1. The Desert line: “Clothes of the desert people, made of breathable, comfortable and very durable material.”
  2. The Rose line: includes “armor that carries the scent of a rose”.
  3. The Primitive line: includes an excellent mask, “The wearer of this mask will strike fear into the heart of an opponent”.  The mask also provides the title “Primeval”.
  4. The Guardian and Sentry lines

There are also many items made from familiar materials like silver, gold, wool.  Also arriving are new items like Plaster and Metal Fittings.  A brand new material, called Dyad makes its debut, with the consistency of something between leather and wood.


Perhaps the most exciting new items are the weapons.  New versions of the Giga Long Sword and Giga Lance arrive.  Also a cool Zoa Long Sword makes the scene.  Most welcome are the new weapons: Halberd (“provides great flexibility in battle.”), Rapier (“thin blade is perfect for executing swift attacks.”), Spear (“can be wielded with just one hand “).

Titles and Status

Naturally new items mean new types of status and titles.  I won’t reveal many of them here, but to name a few titles, your Guardian can now become “Stalwart“, “Reckless“, or “Rosette“.  Guardians can now also achieve “Defender” or “Sage” status.

All in all there are over 50 brand new items and a good many new versions of exsting items.  Enjoy!

Click to see full sized images…

items1More itemsYet more items

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Some of the players that use the official Puppet Guardian Forum formed a team.  All had the same helmuts and called themselves the “The Gold Team”.  You’ll see why when you look at the pictures.

My favorite is the one with the queen in the middle. Long may she live ;0

Check out the Gold Team forum post here.

Here are some screen captures…

Taking on the Boss in Tower 6.

Taking on the Boss in Tower 6.

Need a bigger team so they can spell "Guardian" :)

Need a bigger team so they can spell "Guardian" 🙂

Long Live the Queen!

Long Live the Queen!

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