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The game’s first Beta event, the June Bridal Season began today.  The main feature of this event is the emergence from its underground lair of Hera the Giant Queen Ant. There a couple of Monstrous visitors to the Ridge of Shasura, so come prepared to fight.

There are twobn_e_june weeks of the event to overcome these creatures. So have fun!


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pg_logo_blog1The practice of transferring items from a mule account to a main account has come into focus recently as players have lost gems gathered by the mule while trying to transfer them to their main character by selling them at a low price.

First of all, let me say that the practice of muling is against the spirit of the game, which is meant to encourage players to collaborate and work together in teams to gather what they need. Creating multiple accounts to get more dice to travel alone through towers in order to get items works against this spirit. We therefore will not support the claims of players whose mules have lost items to others who took advantage of a careless item transfer in the Merchant Guild.

To be perfectly clear, players who mule and lose items like this violate the spirit of the game and do so in a way that is, frankly, careless. We cannot be responsible for the consequences of this practice which belong squarely to the player. No more items will be replaced by the game’s managers to players who lose them muling and selling to their main account.

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