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New Game Features

Cold Breath has introduced a series of innovations that cleverly address some game-play issues.

1. The Pet Summons feature is a great way for players to get value from their out-of-contract Pets.  It makes pet ownership free.

2. The Magic Bag feature makes for smooth, untroubled (from the perspective of moving your new items around) venturing through the towers.

3.The Rucksack provides a little extra storage to users with no compromise to magic items.


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Check out the new Pet Exchange campaign.  Some players have written us to say that we did not do enough to promote this campaign as we ran it before.  We agree.  So we are repeating the campaign and we are also beefing up our ability to better promote changes and new events in the game.  The Pet Exchange campaign will feature a new exotic pet each week!

Check back each Tuesday to see the week’s new pet.  The campaign will run for eight weeks.  We hope our old friend, the player Romtu, will find a pet in this campaign he likes!  Also be sure to check out the new Pet Summons feature, which coincides nicely with the new campaign.

Thanks to everyone that emailed us to encourage a repeat of the campaign.

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