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Many users have asked about the end of Season One as it has been described on the Japanese version of Puppet Guardian.  The game has a story, as you may know.  If you don’t I

Our first look at the face of Evil: Shasura

suggest you check out this post in the “About Puppet Guardian” category in this blog, or read the Wiki’s transcription of the Stone Towers found in the lobby of each tower.  These set the scene for the bitter final struggle between Org, the King of the Celestial Castle, and Shasura, the malicious Sorcerer who endlessly connives to take the castle and bend the will of all who live in it toward his single selfish goal: eternal life.

The Season One end will close with a battle royale between all the game’s players (that’s you) and Shasura’s Phantom Guardians who made their first frightening appearence when Tower 8 was opened.

One thousand years have passed since Org planted the Tree of Life to revive the Great Queen Yun, who was killed by Shasura in his laboratory.  Yun has a soul that is almost divine in its kindness and depth and Org has sacrificed 1000 years of his own life in a petrified state waiting for the tree of life to bear its one fruit.  This is the the fruit that will revive Yun.

Shasura of course is aware of this fruit and has other plans for it. And he knows that the time is drawing near for him to come and  take the Castle, grab its power, take the fruit and send Org, Yun, and all of us Guardians on an eternal trip to oblivion.


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The New Wands

Three Contest Winning Wands

The last set of items to be added to the game from the Design Contest is the Wand trifecta. One is the Absorbing Wand which adds some of the power discharged by your opponent to you.  The title is “Captivating”.  The second one is the Fairy Wand with the title “Fairy-like”.  The last wand is the rather awesomely named “Crushing Wand”, and is a real winner to have in the towers.  It’s title is “Devastating”.  Check out its serpent-like attack  below of the Absorbing Wand.

Bad, very bad

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Sure they look good. Some look positively royal in their fineness and beauty, but that isn’t the only reason a player spends valuable jewels on a ring.  So what are the other reasons? Read on…

To start, there are six types of jewels, each with magical characteristics.

  • By combining a jewel with a ring, you can create a magic ring.
  • By combining three magic rings, you get a higher level magic ring with the original powers, plus the ability to protect yourself from special damage like petrification, paralysis (I hate that), poisoning (not too crazy about that either), etc.

    One of the rings in the Emerald series

  • Finally, by combining any 3 of these higher level rings, you get the original powers, plus a much more powerful level (9 times the power of the level 1 ring) of protection against special damage.

So the rings provide protection against some of the harsher forms of damage.  The Emerald ring at right prevents you from being poisoned.  Ruby rings are great against fire and so forth.  Plus all rings confer cool status and titles.

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