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The Ranch Guild has assembled a versatile collection of loyal animals for the Summer Pet Campaign that have been trained to help even the most experienced Puppet Guardian player in the Towers!

WHEN? The Summer Pet Campaign has been extended for two weeks, so it will be running until AUGUST 21! The final three pets of this campaign are brand new and fun, so be sure you check them out in August.

The New Pets In The Ranch Guild Are:

THE HAWK – The good thing about this powerful bird is the frequency of its attack. The hawk is a real fighter and a worthy companion in the towers. But this bird will only be around for about 5 more days so act fast!

The SQUIRREL – This is a sweet bushy-tailed creature and very affordable and he just arrived on June 19!

The GUINEA PIG  – This little four-legged fur ball will ride on top of your head just for fun. The guinea pig comes in three colors; because of its reasonable price, it is an attractive pet bargain.  There are three varieties of this adorable companion. And all three will be gone on July 3, so if you’d like one, better not wait too long.

REMEMBER! Once you own a pet, discontinued or not, it’s yours forever. If you stop paying the fee and your pet goes into the Ranch, you can still use your pet with the new Pet Summons Feature. In any case, we’ll take good care of it. It won’t lose experience points and the dice count will actually grow to 99—but no higher.

See you all in the Towers!



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