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You didn’t know what you were getting into did you?  Signing up to be a Guardian means that you have you accepted the call to adventure.  Crossing the threshold into the Celestial Castle sets you off on a quest fraught with trials where each tower is a step toward gaining the universal knowledge of what it means to become a hero, to save a life, to save a kingdom and even save a love.

Useful items must be harvested and supernatural aid given or earned. Monsters must be defeated and your great King, Org must be presented with his chance for atonement. It’s a lot to ask, I know, but you don’t have to work alone.  Team up!  Make friends! Be a character in this great saga.


What it means to be a hero will become a reality for you in this virtual world.  Continue to do your noble work!  Collect weapons as we slowly assemble for battle, and be ready for when the next chapter of our hero story begins.

The reasons for all the work you’ve done, will become more clear over the coming weeks.  I will show you the importance of the beasts you’ve defeated. I will encourage you to be eyes to the things I cannot see and the minds to the things I have not learned.  Do not steal from your fellow players those things that they have earned and that you can earn yourself by playing.

We are bonded by our common enemy. Be a hero in your own story and in the eyes of your brothers and sisters in arms.   Work together.  Support each other.


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