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The materials for synthesizing fashion contest-winning outfits are not available in Puppet Guardian.  They can only be found among the monsters of Magical Rooms.  For example, there is a two legged dragon called the Wyvern in Magical Rooms that drops Wyvern leather.  This leather is used to make the Wyvern line of clothes from the contest.  Here is a first look at this gruesome foe.

When we release Magical Rooms, you can get these outfits and more for your character. You will be able to use it in Puppet Guardian as well as Magical Rooms, but until we release the new game,  you won’t see the items in PG.  Sorry.

Thank you so much for your loyalty, and rest assured that all these good items will be available to everyone soon.


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The recent fashion contest winner inspired me to look into the Gryphon. This ancient mythological beast, one of many you have to conquer in this game, is a combination of the two most noble animals, the lion and the eagle.  Both these animals are at the top of their respective chains because they are amazing hunters with keen skills. In order to beat this beast, you’ve got be just as skilled or more.  The third tower, where you will find this winged king, houses a jungle.  In the jungle there are leopards.  These leopards are always looking for a nice meal so don’t let them take a bite out of you and take away your life points.  You’ll need them all when you face the mighty Gryphon.  Take some healing items and bring friends.  Maybe that way you can avoid becoming Leopard food.

In some traditions, the Gryphon is an animal that embodies both the earthly and the divine. We can see how the game’s creators kept that in mind when designing their version of this menace. Coming at your from the air and from the ground, the Gryphon is a hard one to beat but that’s ok because learning to fight this monster is excellent training for things, scary things, to come in the succeeding towers.

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If you haven’t heard, there was a fashion contest in the Japanese game recently, and they have found a few winners! Several of the chosen outfits will be filtered into our game over the coming weeks. As they become available, I will let you know!

The first one to make it into the game was designed by the Japanese player Mao Nakano. It is a shirt, pants, coat and crown ensemble that is Gryphon inspired and decorated! The sleeveless shirt was made to be worn easily under the jacket. The whole outfit ruffles gaily with triumph as the gold and white Gryphon down fits royally on any guardian!

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Many of the ideas in my posts that speak of “traditional symbolism” are backed by a few books in my library.  Credit must be given where it is due! Check back up on this post, as it will act as my working bibliography.

Campbell, Joseph. The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Copyright 1949 by Bollingen Foundation Inc. New York, N.Y. Published by Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey. 1972

Joseph Campbell was a researcher, writer and teacher of Mythology. He lived a long life devoted to revealing the similarities between world religions, as well as regional folklore, spanning though history and cultures.

Chevalier, Jean; Gheerbrant, Alain. Translated by Buchanan-Brown, John, 1994. Penguin Reference: The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols. Copyright, Paris, 1982. Published by Blackwell Publishers, Great Britain, 1994.

Jean Cheavalier and Alain Gheerbrant were authors, world travellers and historians. Their accumulative knowledge provides for a fantastic reference book in the field of traditional symbolism.

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We have updated and changed the logo for the new Magical Rooms game!

What do you think?

We are hoping to do a Limited Beta Release of Magical Rooms in a few weeks!

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So, we’ve had a few bullies scamming players in the castle. This is about to change. The idea of this game is to be a community. We are all working towards the same things TOGETHER, and yet, there are always a few players who try to take advantage of the game. I hope that as you are reading this, you have not been scammed or been a victim of flaming in the forum. And if you have, I hope that it has not spoiled your fun! However, you can now play with confidence that these events will be happening less. 

That’s because we have a new Senior Game Master who will be patrolling the forum and the castle and protecting Puppet Guardian’s fundamental values.

Meet Romtu: He has been playing this game almost since its English creation and plays with the right ideals. As a representative of the game, feel free to ask him things if you run into him, or report misdeeds. Keep an eye out for him on the forum, as he will be heading some in-game activities! As an active player, he will be able to relay key information to the game’s staff to make things easier and better for all the guardians.  And to encourage honest play,  he will help reduce the number of mules that are overrunning the game.  He is intelligent and fun and will be a terrific mediator between the people behind the scenes and you, the players!  Also, he will be choosing a team of deputies.  We have a list of volunteers from the forum, so stay tuned!

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There is no place as safe and protected as a castle.  And not just safe but symbolic too:  They represent the innermost chamber of the soul.  These qualities give us a clue about what the game’s creators hoped the players might feel when battling from tower to tower.

Castles are traditionally the safest place in a kingdom, and indeed, Org wanted the treasures of the towers, the fruit of the tree, and the resting place of his bride Yun to be very safe.  This is why he has employed us Guardians!  And because the castle is floating in the Celestial Sky, it cannot be easily reached.

Also, keep in mind that each tower represents a different memory. Each represents an episode or event from Org’s life with his beloved Yun.   By making your way through each field, symbolically you are making your way through the life of these lovers. Hopefully this path of trials through the towers will help you appreciate what it is that you are protecting and fighting for.

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