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Magical Rooms

I hope you all have been enjoying the Beta release of Magical Rooms! Exploring such a web of rooms that grows exponentially must be captivating. I wish you good luck in your attempts to connect with people and expand your network.
Magical Rooms is a creative way to express yourself, build a unique sort of social network and defeat a multitude of item-dropping monsters!  No two rooms look the same, just as no two players are the same. Endless opportunities await in the Magical Rooms labyrinth!


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For everyone who went to the Wacky Wednesday Costume Contest, I don’t have to tell you how great the costumes were. I did my best to preserve a few screenshots to show everyone who missed it, but they don’t show quite how amazing they were.

To explain the contest, the goal was to create the most wacky, funny and silly costume possible. Both the quality and number of costumes at the event were really impressive, especially since I know the timing wasn’t very good for a lot of you. At the in-game event everyone was lined up and given a chance to strut their stuff in front of the crowd to show off their costume.

To accommodate the many Asian players who couldn’t attend the event, the prizes were split between people who entered in-game and people who entered via the forums. In total 12 people entered via the forums and 25 people entered in-game. The prizes were handed out back and forth between in-game and forum winners, with the top prize going to the best overall between both categories.

There were three in-game winners and two forum winners, plus a raffle prize winner. The winners were as follows:

Lunatiq — 1st place overall — 1st place in-game winner — Rain Ring
moronsnail — 2nd place overall — 1st place forum winner — Stag Emblem
Mint — 3rd place overall — 2nd place in-game winner — Snake Vase
nutiki — 4th place overall — 2nd place forum winner — Fairy Robe
Chrissy — 5th place overall — 3rd place in-game winner — Fairy Headband
Raffle winner — Jrog — Helmet of the Underground

Keep your eyes peeled for the next event around the corner, Puppet Guardian’s First Thanksgiving. You had better start getting your cowboy, pilgrim and native american costumes ready. The event will be posted and announced here and on the Events board of the forums, so keep up with both of them to get all of the news.

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How interesting that the first tower is a forest.  In so many folk traditions, a forest is the first thing that a hero comes to after setting out from his or her home.  In so many traditions, as well as in Puppet Guardian, the forest is a happy place full of life. Even the Beetle that must be defeated is not that domineering a beast. This is the forest where the King and Queen fell in love and made that lifelong commitment of  matrimony and family. To begin the Guardian’s journey in a place with such life, sets a positive feel to the feat at hand.  The different fields of the map provide the player with key essentials that provide the all important first weapon, clothing and healing powers: Key essentials to every apprentice!

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As everyone who attended last week’s Trick or Treat with the New Moderators knows, I’m going to be running events and contests for everyone. The first one was pretty simple, just to test the waters, but now we’re cranking things up a notch.

Wacky Wednesday Costume Contest
Coming up Wednesday, November 10th, is the Wacky Wednesday Costume Contest. The contest takes place at 9 PM EST downstairs in the basement. If you don’t know what time that is where you live, just check here. Your goal is to look as silly and weird as possible. I know, it’s hard to look silly when you’re a little puppet with a goofy nose, but I believe in you guys. The prizes include the much sought after Rain Ring, which is the only way to cause damage with a sapphire. Also up for grabs is the Stag Emblem, which can be used to create a ton of different poison-imbued items. There are several other exclusive prizes available, so go check out the full event page here.

Epic Screen Shot Contest
While you’re waiting for that, get started on your entry for the Epic Adventure Screenshot Contest! In this event, your goal is to capture a scene of what Puppet Guardian represents. This event also includes a Rain Ring as a prize and the Phoenix Emblem, which is similar to the Stag Emblem except that it is used to create fire-imbued items.  There are also several other fire themed items up for grabs, so get your friends together and get started already! The deadline for submissions is Sunday night EST.

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