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To avoid the long walk up the castle stairs to reach Splendor Mythos, we’re building a ladder to take you up there. The ladder requires 2000 rope segments, which is going to take a lot of work, so to help you along, we’re going to contribute 1 ladder segment for every 4 that the players add. In addition, every time you donate a rope segment, it will announce it to everyone playing the game so that they can see how awesome you are.

Troll Fur

To make a rope segment, you’ll first need to obtain Troll Fur and synthesize it in your jar into a rope segment. Troll fur can be found by defeating trolls in Tower 10, the Cave of Trials. If you haven’t checked that tower out yet, you definitely should.


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Hey guys, Extreme here. Today, I thought I would post a tutorial on how to use a bow. The bow is a special weapon unlike others. It’s a long-ranged weapon as well as a melee weapon. Once you obtain a bow, press ctrl to arm yourself with an arrow. Pressing space will let you actually attack with the arrow itself, using it as it’s own special kind of weapon for close distances. Pressing shift + space (special), will shoot/fire the actual arrow for long range distances. Because of these two different attacks (melee + ranged), it can be considered two weapons in one.


Now for the hard part. Timing is everything when trying to use the bow and arrow. You need to think one step ahead of an enemy in order to hit them. Try and identify where the enemy is moving or going towards and match the distance from yourself to where they are headed and fire at the right time. If you practice hard and master this, the bow and arrow can be deadly.

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