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Hello Puppet Guardians! Today’s tutorial is probably the most important and crucial tutorial todate. I will be explaining, how to NOT get scammed. Scams are recognized in almost every MMO out today. They are a main and big cause of disruptions in the game. In Puppet Guardian’s case, scams usually occur during, “trades.” Trades are when players use the Merchant Guild as a 3rd-wheel to swap items. This is where scams come in. When a player senses the idea of greed and power to take another player’s item(s) and not give any of his/her’s away, a scam has occurred.  Now, no one likes to get scammed, and I’ll be listing some, “methods” on how to avoid scams.

Method 1: Just – Do – Not – Trade. This way is the surest way to avoid being scammed of your hard-worked, precious items. If you need an item so badly as to risk your own goods, make it a goal to achieve  and synthesize it. Not only will it prevent a chance of a scam, but it will also give a sense of pride in completing your goal and having a new item to your collection.

Method 2: Trade with your most trusted friends/players. A true friend will not scam you.. hopefully.

Method 3: When trading, inquire that you are taking a screenshot and noting the time (timezone included). To take a screenshot of the trade, press down the print screen(prt sc) button on your keyboard and open up Paint and paste image. If a scam occurs, take this information and screenshot and report it to the staff or through the forums. You can email me at GuardianExtreme@yahoo.com

Method 4: Use a trusted 3rd-wheel player. These players can monitor everything and be used as a witness. If I am on, you can find me or message me and I will monitor the trade successfully. If a scam occurs during my observation, I will take note and action. Do not dare to take a risk.

All in all, the sure-proof way is to JUST avoid trading in general. Staff go against trading and warn it to all players. I used to trade and have been scammed countless times during my earlier times. Take this as a warning. See you guys next week!


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Hello everyone! It’s me, Extreme, with another tutorial Tuesday. This week’s tutorial is especially for new players and will be informing you about how to heal/restore hit-points or life-points (Those orange circles at the top left of your screen). This is important to know so that you can avoid “dying” before a big boss fight or going through a tower. At the moment, these are all the possible ways of regaining health in Puppet Guardian.

Method 1 [easy but long] – This method is the default, easy and actionless method. Health regenerates effortlessly when logged off. No action is required except signing off and STAYING logged off. This takes very long to fully regenerate from 1 life to max (about 24 hours) so its avoided as well.

Healing Feather

Method 2 [Easy and short] – This method is used the most by players because of its easy and short effort. Healing feathers (1 feather + 1 Blue herb + 1 Lizard tail) heals 5 life to either yourself or a friend. Or you can obtain items through towering such as healing potions (T8 or synthesized), candy (synthesized with honey from t5 [ants]), Konpeito, and candy canes.

Method  3 [Avoid] – This method is somewhat harder than the rest. There are many items/wields/weapons that heal life or hit points. There are a whole variety of them throughout PuppetGuardian. To name a few – Healing Wand, Healing Book, Absorbing Wand, etc. Many of these items (most that aren’t even listed) are very hard to obtain. Easier healing ITEMS are listed above and require little effort.  The Wands are a great goal to get if you want to forget about the challenges of healing yourself.  They are great for experienced players.

I hope this has answered some of your questions (new players) and if I have seemed to missed any methods of healing, please do comment. Thanks for reading and tune in next week!

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