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New Blog is Live!

Hi Everyone!

Rivers is here to share latest news with you. I hope you liked new design of the blog. This was designed by me some time ago. We could manage to set the blog already and here it’s. You can leave a comment on this post to share your thoughts, meanwhile there is going to be new updates and releases soon, so please keep in touch. Thank you for reading, until next time, take care and see you!!!

You can visit new blog from this link: http://www.mirrorrealms.com/blog

PS: This blog won’t be updated, so please keep the new blog instead. πŸ˜€


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Check out our new partners: Inhale Digital.

They are offering 100 Gold Coins for just $9.99 USD.Β  That’s 44% off the regular price!Β  Give it a try, it’s a great service for getting discounts on games.

Great Deals on Gold Coins!

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Are you ready for Dangerous Quests, Powerful Magic Spells, and a deep dark forest?Β  Are you ready for a King who is backed by a Laboratory of Wizards all trying to solve the mysteries of a barely fathomable cave that snakes under his very Kingdom? Are you ready to help this King?

I hope so because this is the reality of Splendor Mythos and Puppet Guardian’s Second Season.Β  And this reality comes to the Castle in the Celestial Sky tonight!

Here is a preview of the Kingdom…

Zorba and Romtu at the Passage to the Cave

Here is a look at a couple of the new Magic Spells now available to players

A quest from King Morias!

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Don’t miss this final epic battle event with Shasura’s Army.Β  We need your help to fight so don’t miss it.Β  You can be the lucky one who finds the Magic Mirror and turns it against Shasura.Β  Find the item and its your and your alone for life.

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The end of Season 1 is starting now with the Shasura War events. Using his evil magic, Shasura has created a gateway to the basement of the Celestial Castle where he and his phantom guardians are attacking the castle. Get your weapons ready and prepare for battle, because it is time to defend the Celestial Castle.

The first wave will start in just over 3 hours, at 12 PM EST. Each wave after that will start 10 hours after the last.

Guardian Silk

You can go down to the basement to see what time the next wave will happen. Right now this portion of the war is expected to last until March 3rd.

Each player who participates in the event, which means attacking and dealing damage to at least one enemy, will receive a Guardian Silk, a special silver-card item. You can use this silk to make some awesome male and female clothing for your puppet.

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The Japanese developers released three more pictures from Season 2 “Splendor Mythos.” These ones are full views of the landscape we’ll get to see. We didn’t get any new information to go with them though, so you’ll just have to guess what they mean.

The Royal Palace

A Quaint City

A Tomb or Dungeon

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More information was recently released about the white hare, which is due to be released some time after the penguin. Did you know there is a difference between rabbits and hares? Hares are generally larger and generally aren’t kept as pets in the real world. Also, some hares turn white in the winter time to blend into their surroundings better. The white hare in Puppet Guardian is most likely based on the snowshoe hare. In the game the white hare will stay white the entire time though. The white hare will have one attack: a hop charging towards the enemy dealing 1 base damage, although that will increase if you level your pet up.

Several white hares being summoned to fight a yeti

The white hare will cost 7G. Keep checking here for information on the next two pets to be released: the black cat and the kiwi.

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