To avoid the long walk up the castle stairs to reach Splendor Mythos, we’re building a ladder to take you up there. The ladder requires 2000 rope segments, which is going to take a lot of work, so to help you along, we’re going to contribute 1 ladder segment for every 4 that the players add. In addition, every time you donate a rope segment, it will announce it to everyone playing the game so that they can see how awesome you are.

Troll Fur

To make a rope segment, you’ll first need to obtain Troll Fur and synthesize it in your jar into a rope segment. Troll fur can be found by defeating trolls in Tower 10, the Cave of Trials. If you haven’t checked that tower out yet, you definitely should.


Hey guys, Extreme here. Today, I thought I would post a tutorial on how to use a bow. The bow is a special weapon unlike others. It’s a long-ranged weapon as well as a melee weapon. Once you obtain a bow, press ctrl to arm yourself with an arrow. Pressing space will let you actually attack with the arrow itself, using it as it’s own special kind of weapon for close distances. Pressing shift + space (special), will shoot/fire the actual arrow for long range distances. Because of these two different attacks (melee + ranged), it can be considered two weapons in one.


Now for the hard part. Timing is everything when trying to use the bow and arrow. You need to think one step ahead of an enemy in order to hit them. Try and identify where the enemy is moving or going towards and match the distance from yourself to where they are headed and fire at the right time. If you practice hard and master this, the bow and arrow can be deadly.

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Hey fellow Guardians, its Extreme here. I’ve been given the privilege to contribute to blog! Romtu has been really busy lately working on things like the Inhale Digital project (check it out for Gold Coin discounts ),  and thus could not continue his Tutorial Tuesdays, so I thought I could help out.

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is about elemental effects. It’s a really hard concept to understand so I hope this will help new Guardians as well as experienced Guardians to understand a little more.  As many of you already know, there are 6 Gems or lines in magic. Each gem has it’s own special magical attributes, both pro and con.  In no apparent order, the current elements in the game are:

  • Dark Element (Zoisite)
  • Fire Element (Ruby)
  • Nature Element (Emerald)
  • Light or Ice Element (Diamond)
  • Lightning Element (Tourmaline),
  • Water Element (Sapphire).

The Dark Element has the power to petrify. It is especially strong against the Light element and extremely weak against itself (the Dark Element or Zoisite-related magic). When a player or monster becomes petrified, they are rendered motionless and appear as a stone statue. All attacks are unable to be used while in this state but no damage/harm can be sustained either. Holy water and Dark Elemental effects can prevent it while a fairy wand or fossil remedy items can cure it.

The Fire Element has the power to blaze and burn. It is especially strong against the Nature element but weak against Water. When a player or monster catches fire,  mini flames consume their body.  Those consumed by this fire lose a life point each second, but the fires subside after a few points are lost. Players have little time to react or fight back in a situation when they are burning. Sand of stars and Fire Elemental items can prevent this and a fire extinguisher can cure it.

The Nature Element  inflicts a poison which greatly slows down its victims. The  Natural element is especially strong against Water and weak against Fire. When a player or monster is poisoned, they will be tremendously slower in movement and will emit gaseous green bubbles. It also disables a Lancer’s Turbo or special attack. Either a remedy, scroll, remedy book, or fairy wand will cure it.

The Light or Ice Element has the power to partially freeze or slow down its victim. When a player or monster is frozen, they will be tremendously slower in movement similar to the Nature Element’s effect. All attacks are canceled in this state except for magic attacks. Wine can protect against freezing as well as Light Element items; and a fairy wand will cure it.

The Lightning Element has the power to paralyze its victim. When a player or monster is paralyzed, they will be unable to move like the Dark Element effect. Lightning or electricity zaps around the victim. It lasts shorter than the Dark Element’s stoning effect.  It can be prevented by Lightning Element items; and a fairy wand will cure it.

The Water Element has the power to place it’s victim to sleep. When a player or monster is asleep, they collapse on their backs and are unable to move. Bubbles rise from the player’s body. It can be prevented by coffee and Water Elemental items and a fairy wand will cure it. Also, being hit by a snowball will wake the player from slumber!

Are you ready for Dangerous Quests, Powerful Magic Spells, and a deep dark forest?  Are you ready for a King who is backed by a Laboratory of Wizards all trying to solve the mysteries of a barely fathomable cave that snakes under his very Kingdom? Are you ready to help this King?

I hope so because this is the reality of Splendor Mythos and Puppet Guardian’s Second Season.  And this reality comes to the Castle in the Celestial Sky tonight!

Here is a preview of the Kingdom…

Zorba and Romtu at the Passage to the Cave

Here is a look at a couple of the new Magic Spells now available to players

A quest from King Morias!

It’s been too long since I’ve seen everyone in-game. Easter is coming up, so here’s a good excuse to give you guys some prizes and make you dress up. Now, I decided that Easter Egg Hunts are a little overdone, and I’m tired of that bunny getting to have all of the fun, so this year we’re not going to wait for him to hide the eggs. Saturday, April 23rd, at 10 PM EST (Click here to see what time that is for you) we’re going to find that bunny and get some eggs.

Why do we want those eggs so badly? Simple, there are prizes in them! I can’t tell you what they are, since the bunny put them all in his eggs, but I’m sure they’re going to be good. The first three people to find the Easter Bunny are going to get one of those prizes.

But like I said, I’m tired of that bunny having all the fun, so I’m going to be giving out a special bonus prize too. Whoever has the best Easter costume is going to get an extra prize to help fill out their wardrobe. If you’ve come up with a good one, you may want to start looking at the scratchcard clothing items to see what you want if you win.

This contest, along with the full rules, will be posted up on the forums soon, but until then all you blog readers are getting a sneak peek.

Due to the huge number of amazing entries judging took longer than expected, but we finally have our winners. Thank you to everyone who participated, and to those who received a card I hope you enjoyed them.

A Close-Up of Blackmintz's Elegant Card

First place goes to Blackmintz for her elegant card to titan99. The card had a simple and crisp design, but it was incredibly intricate and detailed. On the right you can see a close-up of Blackmintz and titan99 standing at on top of the castle. Blackmintz wins the Scorching Flamberge and the $20 Ultimate Game Card.


yukiTORA's Hand-Drawn Card

Second place goes to yukiTORA for her gorgeous hand-drawn card to moronsnail. She did an amazing job of taking the puppets and showing them in a completely different artstyle. yukiTORA wins her choice between Armor of the Underground Kingdom and a Rouge Dress.

Since there were so many great entries, I felt like we needed to add one more prize, so third place goes to Liisa for her pop-up card to Battlemine69. The game does seem like a pop-up book and her card captures that. Liisa will win the remaining prize after yukiTORA makes her choice.


Congratulations to all of the winners and keep your eyes peeled (and keep checking back here) for the next event.