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pg_logo_blog1Players have been inquiring about Magic.  What follows is a simple description of the basics.

The Puppet Guardian Lottery: Gems

A Diamond Gem

A Diamond Gem

Lasting magic can only be acquired with Gems and finding a gem is a kind of lottery.  If you land in a field on the board where a Gem might potentially appear, there is a small chance that it will appear for you, approximately 1 in 100.

Books, Rods, and Staffs
But if you get lucky and find a gem you can have magic in the form of a book, staff, or rod. This magic is permanent and can be used repeatedly.  However it is limited like dice in that you can use it up and have to wait for 4 hours before the magic itself begins to regenerate.  Books can be synth’ed from multiple scrolls and a gem.

A Diamond Staff

A Diamond Staff

The rods and staffs are a little less powerful than the books but you can use them like weapons to strike your enemies, so they have a dual use quality.

It is possible to get a shot of magic through a scroll. For this you don’t need a gem and the scrolls are pretty easy to make, the main ingredient is “Pulp” from Flax.  But the scrolls are disposable, use them once and they are gone. Scrolls confer no magic points.


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