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For those who missed it, Create the Legend was a writing contest that just ended. Players were asked to write a story detailing Org and Yun’s adventure that one of the towers is based off of. The scores of the winners ended up really close, but we had to choose three, and here are the winners.

Third Place

Whirlpool Shield

Voidusk wins third place for his story about Tower 6. His story was exciting and action-packed, and tied in all of the elements of Tower 6 without forcing them. As his prize, he will receive the Whirlpool Shield.

Second Place
Blahlala wins second place for his story about Tower 8. His story was incredibly detailed and elaborate. He did an excellent job of tying Org and Yun’s adventure into the story. He chose the most difficult and most dramatic moment in the Puppet Guardian universe: Yun’s death. He did the story justice and for this he will receive his choice between the Seashell Shoes and the Pale Shining Helmet. Both are gorgeous, one-of-a-kind items.

First Place

Pale Shining Axe

Finally, first place goes to Ryuzo for his incredible story about Tower 1. The story was interesting and well-thought. We especially enjoyed how well he tied the backstory into it. We rarely get a glimpse into the world outside of our floating castle, and it was neat to see him tie to 13 Kingdoms into the story. Ryuzo will receive the Pale Shining Axe, a beautiful elemental weapon. It is infused with 1 sapphire gem point and the power of water.


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