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One of the advantages of Puppet Guardian is that it is extremely easy to play.  There is no technology to download and launch.  There is no need for players to do anything other than register and start (except maybe upgrade their version of Flash).  This is an advantage of the game certainly, but it does introduce the potential for limitation in terms of what players can experience as they play.  There are some games that ask players to download and deploy software in order to play. This is inconvenient but in some cases allows the game to dynamically generate unique playing environments based on the players experienceboomdiz_avatar or identity.  Puppet Guardian does not do this.

Fortunately the designers at Cold Breath and their engineering counterparts at Artifact have come up with a neat solution:  The Puppet Guardian database understands which towers you have traveled as a player and how often you have traveled them.  It manages to log your experience so that the game can show you a different set of monsters, items, and therefore experiences, the more you play the game.  So while the environments are not unique to you or uniquely generated, they do change based on your experience so that your experiences are always fresh and new.  They seem unique.

I think this is a nice compromise that the game offers. It preserves the game’s easy access and ease to play with a rich and fresh playing experience.


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