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The end of Season 1 is starting now with the Shasura War events. Using his evil magic, Shasura has created a gateway to the basement of the Celestial Castle where he and his phantom guardians are attacking the castle. Get your weapons ready and prepare for battle, because it is time to defend the Celestial Castle.

The first wave will start in just over 3 hours, at 12 PM EST. Each wave after that will start 10 hours after the last.

Guardian Silk

You can go down to the basement to see what time the next wave will happen. Right now this portion of the war is expected to last until March 3rd.

Each player who participates in the event, which means attacking and dealing damage to at least one enemy, will receive a Guardian Silk, a special silver-card item. You can use this silk to make some awesome male and female clothing for your puppet.


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