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This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is going to cover my personal favorite weapon: the Axe! I’m going to tell you how to use it, how much damage it can do, and its strengths and weaknesses.

Like every other weapon, the axe has two types of attacks. The first is the regular attack, which is used by simply pressing the Space bar. The regular attack is pretty simple; you swing the axe and it deals damage to monsters right in front of you. The charged attack, which is used by holding Shift and pressing Space, is a little more complicated. Your axe’s attack charges in a series of cycles as long as you keep walking. When you stop walking, your puppet will swing the axe and deal damage to monsters in front of it, but with much better range than the regular attack. It’s a little tricky though, because your puppet will keep walking and won’t swing the axe until it finishes the charge cycle it’s on. The charged attack does the same amount of damage as the regular attack, multiplied by each time it charges. You can charge the axe up to five times in an attack.

To explain, the regular axe deals 4 damage. If you charge it once, it will deal 8 damage. If you charge it 5 times (which is the maximum) then the axe will do 24 damage. A high axe (which is made from 5 regular axes) deals 5 damage. A zoa axe (which is made from 5 high axes, see the pattern here?) will deal 7 damage. A giga axe deals 9 damage, a holy axe deals 11 damage and a paragon axe deals 13 damage. Of course, if the monster you’re fighting is resistant to physical attacks (like the yeti or the salamander) then it will deal less damage, and if you have a gauntlet or an elemental bracelet or axe then you will deal more damage to monsters with a weakness to that element. Elemental weaknesses and resistances are very complicated, so I’ll cover those another week.

Most of the time, you’re going to want to use the axe’s charged attack. It gives you much better range, especially vertically, which means that you don’t have to be quite as close to a monster to hit them. If you use the charged attack, you generally want to start charging above or below the monster, and try to swing your axe before you get close enough to get hurt. Some monsters (like the salamander and the golden gryphon) have attacks that reach vertically, so you need to be careful for that. The regular attack can deal a lot of damage fast, but if you just stand there attacking then you’re going to take some damage. However, if the monster is frozen or paralyzed, then that is a great opportunity to use the regular attack repeatedly, especially if you’re playing with a group.

I hope you found this guide useful, and stay tuned for next week when I talk all about one of the most confusing aspects of the game: Elemental Effects.


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