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Due to the huge number of amazing entries judging took longer than expected, but we finally have our winners. Thank you to everyone who participated, and to those who received a card I hope you enjoyed them.

A Close-Up of Blackmintz's Elegant Card

First place goes to Blackmintz for her elegant card to titan99. The card had a simple and crisp design, but it was incredibly intricate and detailed. On the right you can see a close-up of Blackmintz and titan99 standing at on top of the castle. Blackmintz wins the Scorching Flamberge and the $20 Ultimate Game Card.


yukiTORA's Hand-Drawn Card

Second place goes to yukiTORA for her gorgeous hand-drawn card to moronsnail. She did an amazing job of taking the puppets and showing them in a completely different artstyle. yukiTORA wins her choice between Armor of the Underground Kingdom and a Rouge Dress.

Since there were so many great entries, I felt like we needed to add one more prize, so third place goes to Liisa for her pop-up card to Battlemine69. The game does seem like a pop-up book and her card captures that. Liisa will win the remaining prize after yukiTORA makes her choice.


Congratulations to all of the winners and keep your eyes peeled (and keep checking back here) for the next event.


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Did that get your attention? With the current event, A Very Puppety Valentine’s Day, you can really win $20 and a very unique sword. Your goal is to create a handmade valentine’s day card for one of your Puppet Guardian friends. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it, and you’ll appreciate winning one of the great prizes.

$20 Ultimate Game Card
The first place winner will receive a $20 UGC card, which can be used to purchase gold for Puppet Guardian and Magical Rooms. That’s like getting free gold!

Scorching Flamberge
The first place winner will also receive a scorching flamberge, which is a very interesting weapon, and the only one of its kind. It is a two-handed sword, which means you can’t use a shield with it. To make up for it, the sword does 7 damage with it’s regular attack, and 14 damage with its special. On top of that, the special attack will break right through your opponents guard, which means no more getting blocked by the Genie or the White Dragon. Of course the flamberge also has the

fire element imbued, which makes it more effective against monsters like the yeti and the white dragon. To make it even better, the flamberge also contains one ruby magic point.


The second place winner will receive the Armor of the Underground Kingdom. To enter, head on over to the forums, read the full rules and submit your valentine’s day card. You have until Valentine’s Day to finish your entry, so get cracking!

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