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pg_logo_blog1There are a couple of changes coming down the pike that are notable.  Foremost, I think, is the change to the Friends List.  From the beginning, our English Beta version users have indicated the need for two things:

1. A longer friends list.

2. The ability somehow to know where the “action” is.  That is, to get a sense of where you can join a team or find groups to hang out with.

We have decided to, for the time being, address both by a greatly lengthened friends list.  We will be going live with a version that permits the addition of 100 friends.  This is 5 times what we currently allow and should give players who log in are much much better chance of finding an active friend in the game who is with a group or who knows where a group is.  The new friends list will allow players to add friends by character name rather than by ID number.

Thanks to the players like Lineage, Captivo, and Romtu for providing us with such valuable feedback.

Another change we are planning to make is the ability to switch on and off the background music.  These changes will accompany a series of new items as well, so stay tuned.  And once again thanks to those who have provided feedback in the forum and through other channels!


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As I’m sure many of you have noted, we are in the midst of a Pet Exchange campaign.  This week we are introducing a Wild Boar.

The Wild Boar is our newest pet.  And this is not just any boar, but one you can ride! If you can get past his rather intimidating looks, this boar is actually pretty sweet and friendly.

Remember there is no better way to increase your dice rolls than to get a Pet.  Plus they make good companions.  The contract for this pet is 26G for 30 days.

The campaign will continue for 10 weeks, with a new Pet each week.

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