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Hello Puppet Guardians! Today’s tutorial is probably the most important and crucial tutorial todate. I will be explaining, how to NOT get scammed. Scams are recognized in almost every MMO out today. They are a main and big cause of disruptions in the game. In Puppet Guardian’s case, scams usually occur during, “trades.” Trades are when players use the Merchant Guild as a 3rd-wheel to swap items. This is where scams come in. When a player senses the idea of greed and power to take another player’s item(s) and not give any of his/her’s away, a scam has occurred.  Now, no one likes to get scammed, and I’ll be listing some, “methods” on how to avoid scams.

Method 1: Just – Do – Not – Trade. This way is the surest way to avoid being scammed of your hard-worked, precious items. If you need an item so badly as to risk your own goods, make it a goal to achieve  and synthesize it. Not only will it prevent a chance of a scam, but it will also give a sense of pride in completing your goal and having a new item to your collection.

Method 2: Trade with your most trusted friends/players. A true friend will not scam you.. hopefully.

Method 3: When trading, inquire that you are taking a screenshot and noting the time (timezone included). To take a screenshot of the trade, press down the print screen(prt sc) button on your keyboard and open up Paint and paste image. If a scam occurs, take this information and screenshot and report it to the staff or through the forums. You can email me at GuardianExtreme@yahoo.com

Method 4: Use a trusted 3rd-wheel player. These players can monitor everything and be used as a witness. If I am on, you can find me or message me and I will monitor the trade successfully. If a scam occurs during my observation, I will take note and action. Do not dare to take a risk.

All in all, the sure-proof way is to JUST avoid trading in general. Staff go against trading and warn it to all players. I used to trade and have been scammed countless times during my earlier times. Take this as a warning. See you guys next week!


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Hello everyone! It’s me, Extreme, with another tutorial Tuesday. This week’s tutorial is especially for new players and will be informing you about how to heal/restore hit-points or life-points (Those orange circles at the top left of your screen). This is important to know so that you can avoid “dying” before a big boss fight or going through a tower. At the moment, these are all the possible ways of regaining health in Puppet Guardian.

Method 1 [easy but long] – This method is the default, easy and actionless method. Health regenerates effortlessly when logged off. No action is required except signing off and STAYING logged off. This takes very long to fully regenerate from 1 life to max (about 24 hours) so its avoided as well.

Healing Feather

Method 2 [Easy and short] – This method is used the most by players because of its easy and short effort. Healing feathers (1 feather + 1 Blue herb + 1 Lizard tail) heals 5 life to either yourself or a friend. Or you can obtain items through towering such as healing potions (T8 or synthesized), candy (synthesized with honey from t5 [ants]), Konpeito, and candy canes.

Method  3 [Avoid] – This method is somewhat harder than the rest. There are many items/wields/weapons that heal life or hit points. There are a whole variety of them throughout PuppetGuardian. To name a few – Healing Wand, Healing Book, Absorbing Wand, etc. Many of these items (most that aren’t even listed) are very hard to obtain. Easier healing ITEMS are listed above and require little effort.  The Wands are a great goal to get if you want to forget about the challenges of healing yourself.  They are great for experienced players.

I hope this has answered some of your questions (new players) and if I have seemed to missed any methods of healing, please do comment. Thanks for reading and tune in next week!

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Hey guys, Extreme here. Today, I thought I would post a tutorial on how to use a bow. The bow is a special weapon unlike others. It’s a long-ranged weapon as well as a melee weapon. Once you obtain a bow, press ctrl to arm yourself with an arrow. Pressing space will let you actually attack with the arrow itself, using it as it’s own special kind of weapon for close distances. Pressing shift + space (special), will shoot/fire the actual arrow for long range distances. Because of these two different attacks (melee + ranged), it can be considered two weapons in one.


Now for the hard part. Timing is everything when trying to use the bow and arrow. You need to think one step ahead of an enemy in order to hit them. Try and identify where the enemy is moving or going towards and match the distance from yourself to where they are headed and fire at the right time. If you practice hard and master this, the bow and arrow can be deadly.

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Hey fellow Guardians, its Extreme here. I’ve been given the privilege to contribute to blog! Romtu has been really busy lately working on things like the Inhale Digital project (check it out for Gold Coin discounts ),  and thus could not continue his Tutorial Tuesdays, so I thought I could help out.

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is about elemental effects. It’s a really hard concept to understand so I hope this will help new Guardians as well as experienced Guardians to understand a little more.  As many of you already know, there are 6 Gems or lines in magic. Each gem has it’s own special magical attributes, both pro and con.  In no apparent order, the current elements in the game are:

  • Dark Element (Zoisite)
  • Fire Element (Ruby)
  • Nature Element (Emerald)
  • Light or Ice Element (Diamond)
  • Lightning Element (Tourmaline),
  • Water Element (Sapphire).

The Dark Element has the power to petrify. It is especially strong against the Light element and extremely weak against itself (the Dark Element or Zoisite-related magic). When a player or monster becomes petrified, they are rendered motionless and appear as a stone statue. All attacks are unable to be used while in this state but no damage/harm can be sustained either. Holy water and Dark Elemental effects can prevent it while a fairy wand or fossil remedy items can cure it.

The Fire Element has the power to blaze and burn. It is especially strong against the Nature element but weak against Water. When a player or monster catches fire,  mini flames consume their body.  Those consumed by this fire lose a life point each second, but the fires subside after a few points are lost. Players have little time to react or fight back in a situation when they are burning. Sand of stars and Fire Elemental items can prevent this and a fire extinguisher can cure it.

The Nature Element  inflicts a poison which greatly slows down its victims. The  Natural element is especially strong against Water and weak against Fire. When a player or monster is poisoned, they will be tremendously slower in movement and will emit gaseous green bubbles. It also disables a Lancer’s Turbo or special attack. Either a remedy, scroll, remedy book, or fairy wand will cure it.

The Light or Ice Element has the power to partially freeze or slow down its victim. When a player or monster is frozen, they will be tremendously slower in movement similar to the Nature Element’s effect. All attacks are canceled in this state except for magic attacks. Wine can protect against freezing as well as Light Element items; and a fairy wand will cure it.

The Lightning Element has the power to paralyze its victim. When a player or monster is paralyzed, they will be unable to move like the Dark Element effect. Lightning or electricity zaps around the victim. It lasts shorter than the Dark Element’s stoning effect.  It can be prevented by Lightning Element items; and a fairy wand will cure it.

The Water Element has the power to place it’s victim to sleep. When a player or monster is asleep, they collapse on their backs and are unable to move. Bubbles rise from the player’s body. It can be prevented by coffee and Water Elemental items and a fairy wand will cure it. Also, being hit by a snowball will wake the player from slumber!

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This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is going to cover my personal favorite weapon: the Axe! I’m going to tell you how to use it, how much damage it can do, and its strengths and weaknesses.

Like every other weapon, the axe has two types of attacks. The first is the regular attack, which is used by simply pressing the Space bar. The regular attack is pretty simple; you swing the axe and it deals damage to monsters right in front of you. The charged attack, which is used by holding Shift and pressing Space, is a little more complicated. Your axe’s attack charges in a series of cycles as long as you keep walking. When you stop walking, your puppet will swing the axe and deal damage to monsters in front of it, but with much better range than the regular attack. It’s a little tricky though, because your puppet will keep walking and won’t swing the axe until it finishes the charge cycle it’s on. The charged attack does the same amount of damage as the regular attack, multiplied by each time it charges. You can charge the axe up to five times in an attack.

To explain, the regular axe deals 4 damage. If you charge it once, it will deal 8 damage. If you charge it 5 times (which is the maximum) then the axe will do 24 damage. A high axe (which is made from 5 regular axes) deals 5 damage. A zoa axe (which is made from 5 high axes, see the pattern here?) will deal 7 damage. A giga axe deals 9 damage, a holy axe deals 11 damage and a paragon axe deals 13 damage. Of course, if the monster you’re fighting is resistant to physical attacks (like the yeti or the salamander) then it will deal less damage, and if you have a gauntlet or an elemental bracelet or axe then you will deal more damage to monsters with a weakness to that element. Elemental weaknesses and resistances are very complicated, so I’ll cover those another week.

Most of the time, you’re going to want to use the axe’s charged attack. It gives you much better range, especially vertically, which means that you don’t have to be quite as close to a monster to hit them. If you use the charged attack, you generally want to start charging above or below the monster, and try to swing your axe before you get close enough to get hurt. Some monsters (like the salamander and the golden gryphon) have attacks that reach vertically, so you need to be careful for that. The regular attack can deal a lot of damage fast, but if you just stand there attacking then you’re going to take some damage. However, if the monster is frozen or paralyzed, then that is a great opportunity to use the regular attack repeatedly, especially if you’re playing with a group.

I hope you found this guide useful, and stay tuned for next week when I talk all about one of the most confusing aspects of the game: Elemental Effects.

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The recent fashion contest winner inspired me to look into the Gryphon. This ancient mythological beast, one of many you have to conquer in this game, is a combination of the two most noble animals, the lion and the eagle.  Both these animals are at the top of their respective chains because they are amazing hunters with keen skills. In order to beat this beast, you’ve got be just as skilled or more.  The third tower, where you will find this winged king, houses a jungle.  In the jungle there are leopards.  These leopards are always looking for a nice meal so don’t let them take a bite out of you and take away your life points.  You’ll need them all when you face the mighty Gryphon.  Take some healing items and bring friends.  Maybe that way you can avoid becoming Leopard food.

In some traditions, the Gryphon is an animal that embodies both the earthly and the divine. We can see how the game’s creators kept that in mind when designing their version of this menace. Coming at your from the air and from the ground, the Gryphon is a hard one to beat but that’s ok because learning to fight this monster is excellent training for things, scary things, to come in the succeeding towers.

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Snag a Frag!

The Dark Chest... wonder what's inside

So we all know how hard it is to find gems right?  Before recent game upgrades, the only ways to get a gem were to  buy one (for quite a hunk of gold) or to get lucky–or play long–enough to land on the right field at the right time to pick one up. But now, we have treasure chests! A treasure chest has unique weapons and Gem Fragments in it. If you get five fragments you can synthesize them into a whole gem!

There are unique lines of weapons in each chest, which cannot be bought or sold in the Merchant Guild.  You can only add one to your collection by getting and then opening a treasure chest through the Thieves Guild.

Five of these equals one Zoasite Gem

Two of the newer chests in the game are the Dark Chest, in Tower II, and the White Dragon Chest in Tower VIII. The Dark Chest, as its name hints, has an eeire collection of weapons like the Dark Mace and the Venom Axe.  In the Dark Chest you have a chance to find a fragment of Zoisite. The White Dragon Chest in Tower VIII houses such weapons as the Flame Spear, Aqua Scythe and Frost Whip…and in it, you might also find a Diamond Fragment!

Each chest holds one of six items.  So if you are after a fragment, you have a one in six chance,  but with so many amazing and exclusive weapons also available, you’re certain to get something you like!

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