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Big Day of Updates

Hi Gang,

I’m  not sure which updates are the biggest. So why don’t you guys tell me in the comments section which you like most or which you think are most important.  Here they are:

Lightning Hammer

  1. Thieves Guild / Treasure Chest
    Tower bosses sometimes drop chests with special treasures inside.  The Thieves help you open it up.
  2. Better game performance options
    Right click (Mac=ctrl click) to turn off the visual effects of a dice roll or a team circle.  Performance improves
  3. Buy Dice
    Now if you run out of dice you can buy one for a Gold Coin.
  4. Warehouse Guild sorting function and capacity boost to 500 items
    You can now view your warehouse items according to any of the column headers, plus you can store up to 5oo items.

Flame Chest from Tower 6

We’d love to hear what you think.  In the meantime enjoy.


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I forgot to mention that our new offer payments system allows you to use your mobile accounts to purchase Gold Coins as well.  There are three services, Zong, Paymo, and Social Gold, that should work all over the world.  Try it and let me know what you think.  I have tried it a couple of times and it seems to work very well, but as ever, we would love to know what you think.

Link to the announcement page.

By the way our next payment option coming soon will be the PlaySpan marketplace.

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That’s right.  Fill out an offer and get free gold.  Some of the offers are really easy, like watching a funny commercial or a movie trailer.  Others are a bit more intensive like signing up for a Satellite TV (you get almost 2000 Gold Coins).  The idea is that we wanted to make it easier for players to get Gold.

Check out the Offer Payments Announcement here.

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If you are a “Windows + Firefox” user who is experiencing problems with the “Right Click Menu” within Puppet Guardian it could be related to your Firefox “Add-ons” or Adobe Flash. Please visit http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html and update to the latest version of Flash.  If the update does not remedy the “Right Click Menu”  please use internet explorer until further notice.   See you in the Towers!  WindTracker

::ATTENTION::  If everything within Puppet Guardian is working properly we highly suggest leaving your system configuration “AS IS” until further notice.

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