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Are you guys starting to miss me? It’s been too long since I got everyone together in the game, so we’re going to have a big ole snowball fight on Sarturday, February 12th. But you guys know how I do things, we’re going to have plenty of prizes too. It’s going to be a team snowball fighting tournament with prizes for everyone in the top 2 teams.

If you want to participate, you need to register on the forums with your team name and the people on your team. Each team can only have 3 people on it. You need to register by February the 11th at Noon EST for a guaranteed spot in the tournament. If you show up the day of the tournament without registering ahead of time, you can still play but you’ll be one step in the tournament behind the people who registered before the deadline.

First Place Prize

Wave Ring

All 3 members of the winning team will receive a Wave Ring. The wave ring gives you one diamond gem point, and it also can be used to attack monsters. It shoots out a wave of light that will hurt any monster it hits, and do extra damage against dark elemental monsters. If you win first place, each member of your team is going to get one of these. Accessory and a weapon all in one, pretty cool huh?

Second Place Prize

Silver Sparkle Helmet

All 3 members of the second-place team will receive a Silver Sparkle Helmet. By wearing this around, you can show everyone else how great your team did in the tournament. It’s a very pretty helmet too.

For the full rules, information and registration, check out the full post on the forums.


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Did that get your attention? With the current event, A Very Puppety Valentine’s Day, you can really win $20 and a very unique sword. Your goal is to create a handmade valentine’s day card for one of your Puppet Guardian friends. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it, and you’ll appreciate winning one of the great prizes.

$20 Ultimate Game Card
The first place winner will receive a $20 UGC card, which can be used to purchase gold for Puppet Guardian and Magical Rooms. That’s like getting free gold!

Scorching Flamberge
The first place winner will also receive a scorching flamberge, which is a very interesting weapon, and the only one of its kind. It is a two-handed sword, which means you can’t use a shield with it. To make up for it, the sword does 7 damage with it’s regular attack, and 14 damage with its special. On top of that, the special attack will break right through your opponents guard, which means no more getting blocked by the Genie or the White Dragon. Of course the flamberge also has the

fire element imbued, which makes it more effective against monsters like the yeti and the white dragon. To make it even better, the flamberge also contains one ruby magic point.


The second place winner will receive the Armor of the Underground Kingdom. To enter, head on over to the forums, read the full rules and submit your valentine’s day card. You have until Valentine’s Day to finish your entry, so get cracking!

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Check out the first event of 2011 on the forums. The goal is to tell the story of one of Org and Yun’s adventures, specifically about one of the towers. If you don’t know Org and Yun’s story (and the reason all of the puppets exist), it may not make a lot of sense. Basically, Org created the towers from his memories adventuring with Yun, and we want you to fill in the blanks and tell us the whole story of one of the towers.

The prizes include the Pale Shining Axe, the Pale Shining Helmet, and the Whirlpool Shield. The Pale Shining Axe contains 1 sapphire magic and is imbued with the Water element, making it very effective against fire monsters like the Salamander.

There is a 500 word limit, which means your story has to be shorter than 500 words. The deadline is January 30th, so get cracking!

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As everyone who attended last week’s Trick or Treat with the New Moderators knows, I’m going to be running events and contests for everyone. The first one was pretty simple, just to test the waters, but now we’re cranking things up a notch.

Wacky Wednesday Costume Contest
Coming up Wednesday, November 10th, is the Wacky Wednesday Costume Contest. The contest takes place at 9 PM EST downstairs in the basement. If you don’t know what time that is where you live, just check here. Your goal is to look as silly and weird as possible. I know, it’s hard to look silly when you’re a little puppet with a goofy nose, but I believe in you guys. The prizes include the much sought after Rain Ring, which is the only way to cause damage with a sapphire. Also up for grabs is the Stag Emblem, which can be used to create a ton of different poison-imbued items. There are several other exclusive prizes available, so go check out the full event page here.

Epic Screen Shot Contest
While you’re waiting for that, get started on your entry for the Epic Adventure Screenshot Contest! In this event, your goal is to capture a scene of what Puppet Guardian represents. This event also includes a Rain Ring as a prize and the Phoenix Emblem, which is similar to the Stag Emblem except that it is used to create fire-imbued items.  There are also several other fire themed items up for grabs, so get your friends together and get started already! The deadline for submissions is Sunday night EST.

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