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Hello, Guardians!

Edward here, and we’re pleased to announce the Summer Bridal Event is coming up in Puppet Guardian! Players will find many exciting changes and new items available during this new release.  One such change is that the Twin Vampires of Tower VII have been replaced with a flock of Giant Penguins and their King!

Guardians vs. Giant Penguins!

A preview of the Giant Penguins

These Giant Penguins are tenacious, and will recover very quickly after being downed. Defeat them skillfully in order to obtain their items!

Players will also encounter the Wraith Unicorn randomly throughout Tower VII. This monster can be pretty rare, but players should strive to find it and get the brand new items that it drops!

The Wraith Unicorn

And finally, two squares away from the starting square of Tower V, the Giant Ant Queen makes an appearance. Beware of her attacks that can put you to sleep! If you had some coffee to drink ahead of time, you’ll be good to go. The Giant Ant Queen will drop some great items, so be sure to try downing her!

The Giant Ant Queen can put you to sleep, so be careful!

The item drops from the new monsters can be synthesized into new bridal items for your guardians! These new items will have your guardians looking classy!

Some new items to be synthesized!

Classy new outfits!

We hope to see you all participating in this awesome event!


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Hello everyone! It’s me, Extreme, with another tutorial Tuesday. This week’s tutorial is especially for new players and will be informing you about how to heal/restore hit-points or life-points (Those orange circles at the top left of your screen). This is important to know so that you can avoid “dying” before a big boss fight or going through a tower. At the moment, these are all the possible ways of regaining health in Puppet Guardian.

Method 1 [easy but long] – This method is the default, easy and actionless method. Health regenerates effortlessly when logged off. No action is required except signing off and STAYING logged off. This takes very long to fully regenerate from 1 life to max (about 24 hours) so its avoided as well.

Healing Feather

Method 2 [Easy and short] – This method is used the most by players because of its easy and short effort. Healing feathers (1 feather + 1 Blue herb + 1 Lizard tail) heals 5 life to either yourself or a friend. Or you can obtain items through towering such as healing potions (T8 or synthesized), candy (synthesized with honey from t5 [ants]), Konpeito, and candy canes.

Method  3 [Avoid] – This method is somewhat harder than the rest. There are many items/wields/weapons that heal life or hit points. There are a whole variety of them throughout PuppetGuardian. To name a few – Healing Wand, Healing Book, Absorbing Wand, etc. Many of these items (most that aren’t even listed) are very hard to obtain. Easier healing ITEMS are listed above and require little effort.  The Wands are a great goal to get if you want to forget about the challenges of healing yourself.  They are great for experienced players.

I hope this has answered some of your questions (new players) and if I have seemed to missed any methods of healing, please do comment. Thanks for reading and tune in next week!

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To avoid the long walk up the castle stairs to reach Splendor Mythos, we’re building a ladder to take you up there. The ladder requires 2000 rope segments, which is going to take a lot of work, so to help you along, we’re going to contribute 1 ladder segment for every 4 that the players add. In addition, every time you donate a rope segment, it will announce it to everyone playing the game so that they can see how awesome you are.

Troll Fur

To make a rope segment, you’ll first need to obtain Troll Fur and synthesize it in your jar into a rope segment. Troll fur can be found by defeating trolls in Tower 10, the Cave of Trials. If you haven’t checked that tower out yet, you definitely should.

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Hey guys, Extreme here. Today, I thought I would post a tutorial on how to use a bow. The bow is a special weapon unlike others. It’s a long-ranged weapon as well as a melee weapon. Once you obtain a bow, press ctrl to arm yourself with an arrow. Pressing space will let you actually attack with the arrow itself, using it as it’s own special kind of weapon for close distances. Pressing shift + space (special), will shoot/fire the actual arrow for long range distances. Because of these two different attacks (melee + ranged), it can be considered two weapons in one.


Now for the hard part. Timing is everything when trying to use the bow and arrow. You need to think one step ahead of an enemy in order to hit them. Try and identify where the enemy is moving or going towards and match the distance from yourself to where they are headed and fire at the right time. If you practice hard and master this, the bow and arrow can be deadly.

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Are you ready for Dangerous Quests, Powerful Magic Spells, and a deep dark forest?  Are you ready for a King who is backed by a Laboratory of Wizards all trying to solve the mysteries of a barely fathomable cave that snakes under his very Kingdom? Are you ready to help this King?

I hope so because this is the reality of Splendor Mythos and Puppet Guardian’s Second Season.  And this reality comes to the Castle in the Celestial Sky tonight!

Here is a preview of the Kingdom…

Zorba and Romtu at the Passage to the Cave

Here is a look at a couple of the new Magic Spells now available to players

A quest from King Morias!

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The end of Season 1 is starting now with the Shasura War events. Using his evil magic, Shasura has created a gateway to the basement of the Celestial Castle where he and his phantom guardians are attacking the castle. Get your weapons ready and prepare for battle, because it is time to defend the Celestial Castle.

The first wave will start in just over 3 hours, at 12 PM EST. Each wave after that will start 10 hours after the last.

Guardian Silk

You can go down to the basement to see what time the next wave will happen. Right now this portion of the war is expected to last until March 3rd.

Each player who participates in the event, which means attacking and dealing damage to at least one enemy, will receive a Guardian Silk, a special silver-card item. You can use this silk to make some awesome male and female clothing for your puppet.

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The Japanese developers released three more pictures from Season 2 “Splendor Mythos.” These ones are full views of the landscape we’ll get to see. We didn’t get any new information to go with them though, so you’ll just have to guess what they mean.

The Royal Palace

A Quaint City

A Tomb or Dungeon

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