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Hello Puppet Friends!

The Summer Bridal Event wraps up this August 31st.
If you have not visited Tower 5 and Tower 7 in the Castle Courtyard, be sure to head there and participate in this fun-filled event!

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Have a blast and keep your eyes peeled on the blog and forums along with facebook and Twitter for future updates!

Your friendly neighborhood moderator,
– CloudStrife


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Hi Puppet Pals and Gals,

The bridal season is far from over! We are pleased to announce that the Summer Bridal Event is now LIVE and there are many new items to collect and synthesize!

What are you waiting for? Head over to Tower V and VII now! A flock of penguins and their King, a Wraith and its Unicorn, and a Giant Ant Queen awaits you…

One final thought. Make sure you go easy on the caffeine. Then again, you might actually need it to fight the Giant Ant Queen! ;] Hey.. that rhymes! :O Anyways, good luck everyone and more importantly, have fun! (:

All the best,

– CloudStrife

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Greetings Puppet Pals!

The balmy breeze of Fall is beginning to sweep in, and for many of you, this signals that the start of school is fast approaching. But this is no time to wave goodbye to Summer just yet! And, no doubt, there is always time to relax and have fun on Puppet Guardian even during your studies!

With the Summer Bridal Event coming soon, you will also definitely want to mark down your calendars for August 23rd at 6:00 PM EST! This will be the time to showoff those Summer fashions your puppet has neglected to wear or forgotten to share! Extreme will host the event and the moderators, Rivers, wero, and I, will be assisting him. Stay tooned for details on rules and prizes!

For those out of the loop, another 2000 Beastly Beards are needed to unlock Tower 12. A Beastly Beard can be obtained from Ipiria, the Tower 11 boss in “Mangool the Dark Forest”. Beastly Beards can be donated within Tower 10, “The Cave of Trials”, at the Tower 12 entrance, the “Underground Kingdom”. Everyone, do your beast (I mean best) and T12 will arrive in a bat of an eye! =)

Best wishes,


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Hello, Guardians!

Edward here, and we’re pleased to announce the Summer Bridal Event is coming up in Puppet Guardian! Players will find many exciting changes and new items available during this new release.  One such change is that the Twin Vampires of Tower VII have been replaced with a flock of Giant Penguins and their King!

Guardians vs. Giant Penguins!

A preview of the Giant Penguins

These Giant Penguins are tenacious, and will recover very quickly after being downed. Defeat them skillfully in order to obtain their items!

Players will also encounter the Wraith Unicorn randomly throughout Tower VII. This monster can be pretty rare, but players should strive to find it and get the brand new items that it drops!

The Wraith Unicorn

And finally, two squares away from the starting square of Tower V, the Giant Ant Queen makes an appearance. Beware of her attacks that can put you to sleep! If you had some coffee to drink ahead of time, you’ll be good to go. The Giant Ant Queen will drop some great items, so be sure to try downing her!

The Giant Ant Queen can put you to sleep, so be careful!

The item drops from the new monsters can be synthesized into new bridal items for your guardians! These new items will have your guardians looking classy!

Some new items to be synthesized!

Classy new outfits!

We hope to see you all participating in this awesome event!

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