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The Japanese developers released three more pictures from Season 2 “Splendor Mythos.” These ones are full views of the landscape we’ll get to see. We didn’t get any new information to go with them though, so you’ll just have to guess what they mean.

The Royal Palace

A Quaint City

A Tomb or Dungeon


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Coming soon to the game is the release of two pets. In Japan, there was a survey to determine which pet should be re-released and which new pet should be released. The penguin was chosen as the pet to be re-released and the new pet will be the white hare.


You might remember seeing this little fellow back in June, but he was only available for a short time. If you missed it last time, here’s your chance to get a penguin for yourself. He has two different attacks: one where he slaps the enemy with his fin and one where he slides on his belly towards them. He is also very resistant to freezing. Most of all, he’s pretty adorable.

White Hare
We don’t know a lot about the white hare aside from how cute it is. The white hare will be released some time after the penguin.

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