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Here are the finalists for the Director’s Cut category.

Blero and Friend

Jrog and crew battle through the flames

Nelliel's circle of friends

Tinyy reminding us all of our first day

Titan's Guardian Wedding

Chrissy Spelling Out What's Most Important


Lunatiq's Battle Formation


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Here is the list of players whose excellent pictures in the Director’s Cut category have earned them Honorable Mention.  Here’s what we mean by Director’s Cut:

These captures emphasize an individual player’s own interpretation or feeling about the game, its values, and the experiences it affords.  Those who have submitted these captures have taken the role of  stage director and other Guardians usually play a part in their scene.  There is often dialogue in the scene or commentary about it to help reveal the “Director’s” intention.

I’ll let these screen caps speak for themselves, since they usually include chat dialogue.

Heriess rallies the troops!


Jrog's Protectors of Org

Kasoy's Dragon Troubles

Blackthorn's Conflict Underground!

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The Phoenix Crest

Congratulations to Kkeijit!  His Battle with the White Dragon nets him a runner-up award of the Phoenix Crest.

The Winner is….
Heiress. Her Volcano Road battle with the Salamader has the drama and beauty to take first place. The Phoenix Censer and an Ultimate Game Card are hers as prizes.  Congratulations!

Phoenix Censer for Heiress

Check out the December 1st (group 2) Blog Post to see pictures of both of these winning entries.

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Here are the second set of four finalists for the Action Caps category.

Moronsnail. The Wraiths make this picture. They are a particularly mortifying breed of Monster. Not just ghosts, Wraiths are spirits whose appearance portends  a person’s death.  Good thing we have healing potions, right?  The goggles are a lovely addition to the picture. They make such a great reference to the early days of mechanized travel: cars, motorcycles, and even airplanes.  What an exciting time for the world, when distances were suddenly small and people once so far from each other, suddenly so close.  Kind of like the Internet today.

Taropie. All the players have completely different clothes, except of course for the helmut.  Different yet the same.  Just like people, if you will forgive a little fancy–it’s good to be an independent  and free individual, but also good to recognize what we share, what makes us all the same.  The formation in this picture is perfect and the use of the spears to connect all the players together is really artful.  Another beauty from Taro.

Heiress. This screenshot could be hanging in the East wing of the US National Gallery of Art on the mall in Washington, DC between the Franz Kline exhibit and Stuart Davis.  Look at the player outfits, the background to the left,  and the flight of the arrows.  This is of course not even to mention that darned giant salamander with the fire spear.  Nicely Done, Heiress.

Kkeijit. The colors in the picture are so rich and they provide a very nice background to the scene.  By isolating the Dragon’s head, as it dips down to threaten the four Guardians, we see great the detail of it’s snout and the cold blue of its eyes.  The Guardian is equipped with the brilliant Mirror Shield, and is facing down the enormous beast before him.  A picture of courage as well as style.

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Here are the 1st four “Action Caps” finalists, will one of these be the winner or runner-up?

Copycat. In this screen capture you get a real sense of the Puppet Guardian’s orientation to detail and artistry.  This is a place that has no effect on items, gold coins, dice, monsters or anything else.  It’s just a place to explore and yet the details are so rich.  And Copycat inserts herself into the frame with very nice balance.

Djiya01. Why is this so appealing? Because it seems like two good friends together smiling, dressed up, and celebrating something.  How clever of Djiya that they are both seated on the fallen basilisk, but who cares about the monster?  This is about friends.

Moronsnail. Snail is one of the first to celebrate the apprentice.  Plus he captures the basilisk as it is just beginning to fall.. great command of screen cap technology.  Not to mention the participation of so many players, each one adorned in vagabond rags.  Hurray for the Apprentice!!

Taropie. There’s a lot going on here. And that’s the beauty.  Imagine being a game designer sitting around a table saying how do we show a lightning attack or a freezing attack.  Then look at the capture, especially the detail in the lightning and how it reaches out from the source.  Taro really has something exciting here.

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Here is the list of players whose excellent pictures in the Action Caps (see definition in my December 1 post below) category have earned them Honorable Mention.


Lisa. Great choice for background and a shot that gives a detailed view of a talented player.  Nice Composition overall.


Moronsnail. Great detail in this shot.  It’s not easy to capture all this action.  When you see this picture, you can understand a lot about the game. It’s also one of the Apprentice-themed captures.


Sing_yabuki. The gryphon is a tough opponent and this picture shows why. The Guardians in this shot both have really fun outfits.

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Magical Rooms

I hope you all have been enjoying the Beta release of Magical Rooms! Exploring such a web of rooms that grows exponentially must be captivating. I wish you good luck in your attempts to connect with people and expand your network.
Magical Rooms is a creative way to express yourself, build a unique sort of social network and defeat a multitude of item-dropping monsters!  No two rooms look the same, just as no two players are the same. Endless opportunities await in the Magical Rooms labyrinth!

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