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Hello, Guardians!

Edward here, and we’re pleased to announce the Summer Bridal Event is coming up in Puppet Guardian! Players will find many exciting changes and new items available during this new release.  One such change is that the Twin Vampires of Tower VII have been replaced with a flock of Giant Penguins and their King!

Guardians vs. Giant Penguins!

A preview of the Giant Penguins

These Giant Penguins are tenacious, and will recover very quickly after being downed. Defeat them skillfully in order to obtain their items!

Players will also encounter the Wraith Unicorn randomly throughout Tower VII. This monster can be pretty rare, but players should strive to find it and get the brand new items that it drops!

The Wraith Unicorn

And finally, two squares away from the starting square of Tower V, the Giant Ant Queen makes an appearance. Beware of her attacks that can put you to sleep! If you had some coffee to drink ahead of time, you’ll be good to go. The Giant Ant Queen will drop some great items, so be sure to try downing her!

The Giant Ant Queen can put you to sleep, so be careful!

The item drops from the new monsters can be synthesized into new bridal items for your guardians! These new items will have your guardians looking classy!

Some new items to be synthesized!

Classy new outfits!

We hope to see you all participating in this awesome event!


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Hey fellow Guardians, its Extreme here. I’ve been given the privilege to contribute to blog! Romtu has been really busy lately working on things like the Inhale Digital project (check it out for Gold Coin discounts ),  and thus could not continue his Tutorial Tuesdays, so I thought I could help out.

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is about elemental effects. It’s a really hard concept to understand so I hope this will help new Guardians as well as experienced Guardians to understand a little more.  As many of you already know, there are 6 Gems or lines in magic. Each gem has it’s own special magical attributes, both pro and con.  In no apparent order, the current elements in the game are:

  • Dark Element (Zoisite)
  • Fire Element (Ruby)
  • Nature Element (Emerald)
  • Light or Ice Element (Diamond)
  • Lightning Element (Tourmaline),
  • Water Element (Sapphire).

The Dark Element has the power to petrify. It is especially strong against the Light element and extremely weak against itself (the Dark Element or Zoisite-related magic). When a player or monster becomes petrified, they are rendered motionless and appear as a stone statue. All attacks are unable to be used while in this state but no damage/harm can be sustained either. Holy water and Dark Elemental effects can prevent it while a fairy wand or fossil remedy items can cure it.

The Fire Element has the power to blaze and burn. It is especially strong against the Nature element but weak against Water. When a player or monster catches fire,  mini flames consume their body.  Those consumed by this fire lose a life point each second, but the fires subside after a few points are lost. Players have little time to react or fight back in a situation when they are burning. Sand of stars and Fire Elemental items can prevent this and a fire extinguisher can cure it.

The Nature Element  inflicts a poison which greatly slows down its victims. The  Natural element is especially strong against Water and weak against Fire. When a player or monster is poisoned, they will be tremendously slower in movement and will emit gaseous green bubbles. It also disables a Lancer’s Turbo or special attack. Either a remedy, scroll, remedy book, or fairy wand will cure it.

The Light or Ice Element has the power to partially freeze or slow down its victim. When a player or monster is frozen, they will be tremendously slower in movement similar to the Nature Element’s effect. All attacks are canceled in this state except for magic attacks. Wine can protect against freezing as well as Light Element items; and a fairy wand will cure it.

The Lightning Element has the power to paralyze its victim. When a player or monster is paralyzed, they will be unable to move like the Dark Element effect. Lightning or electricity zaps around the victim. It lasts shorter than the Dark Element’s stoning effect.  It can be prevented by Lightning Element items; and a fairy wand will cure it.

The Water Element has the power to place it’s victim to sleep. When a player or monster is asleep, they collapse on their backs and are unable to move. Bubbles rise from the player’s body. It can be prevented by coffee and Water Elemental items and a fairy wand will cure it. Also, being hit by a snowball will wake the player from slumber!

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The materials for synthesizing fashion contest-winning outfits are not available in Puppet Guardian.  They can only be found among the monsters of Magical Rooms.  For example, there is a two legged dragon called the Wyvern in Magical Rooms that drops Wyvern leather.  This leather is used to make the Wyvern line of clothes from the contest.  Here is a first look at this gruesome foe.

When we release Magical Rooms, you can get these outfits and more for your character. You will be able to use it in Puppet Guardian as well as Magical Rooms, but until we release the new game,  you won’t see the items in PG.  Sorry.

Thank you so much for your loyalty, and rest assured that all these good items will be available to everyone soon.

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We have updated and changed the logo for the new Magical Rooms game!

What do you think?

We are hoping to do a Limited Beta Release of Magical Rooms in a few weeks!

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Snag a Frag!

The Dark Chest... wonder what's inside

So we all know how hard it is to find gems right?  Before recent game upgrades, the only ways to get a gem were to  buy one (for quite a hunk of gold) or to get lucky–or play long–enough to land on the right field at the right time to pick one up. But now, we have treasure chests! A treasure chest has unique weapons and Gem Fragments in it. If you get five fragments you can synthesize them into a whole gem!

There are unique lines of weapons in each chest, which cannot be bought or sold in the Merchant Guild.  You can only add one to your collection by getting and then opening a treasure chest through the Thieves Guild.

Five of these equals one Zoasite Gem

Two of the newer chests in the game are the Dark Chest, in Tower II, and the White Dragon Chest in Tower VIII. The Dark Chest, as its name hints, has an eeire collection of weapons like the Dark Mace and the Venom Axe.  In the Dark Chest you have a chance to find a fragment of Zoisite. The White Dragon Chest in Tower VIII houses such weapons as the Flame Spear, Aqua Scythe and Frost Whip…and in it, you might also find a Diamond Fragment!

Each chest holds one of six items.  So if you are after a fragment, you have a one in six chance,  but with so many amazing and exclusive weapons also available, you’re certain to get something you like!

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Big Day of Updates

Hi Gang,

I’m  not sure which updates are the biggest. So why don’t you guys tell me in the comments section which you like most or which you think are most important.  Here they are:

Lightning Hammer

  1. Thieves Guild / Treasure Chest
    Tower bosses sometimes drop chests with special treasures inside.  The Thieves help you open it up.
  2. Better game performance options
    Right click (Mac=ctrl click) to turn off the visual effects of a dice roll or a team circle.  Performance improves
  3. Buy Dice
    Now if you run out of dice you can buy one for a Gold Coin.
  4. Warehouse Guild sorting function and capacity boost to 500 items
    You can now view your warehouse items according to any of the column headers, plus you can store up to 5oo items.

Flame Chest from Tower 6

We’d love to hear what you think.  In the meantime enjoy.

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The Ranch Guild has assembled a versatile collection of loyal animals for the Summer Pet Campaign that have been trained to help even the most experienced Puppet Guardian player in the Towers!

WHEN? The Summer Pet Campaign has been extended for two weeks, so it will be running until AUGUST 21! The final three pets of this campaign are brand new and fun, so be sure you check them out in August.

The New Pets In The Ranch Guild Are:

THE HAWK – The good thing about this powerful bird is the frequency of its attack. The hawk is a real fighter and a worthy companion in the towers. But this bird will only be around for about 5 more days so act fast!

The SQUIRREL – This is a sweet bushy-tailed creature and very affordable and he just arrived on June 19!

The GUINEA PIG  – This little four-legged fur ball will ride on top of your head just for fun. The guinea pig comes in three colors; because of its reasonable price, it is an attractive pet bargain.  There are three varieties of this adorable companion. And all three will be gone on July 3, so if you’d like one, better not wait too long.

REMEMBER! Once you own a pet, discontinued or not, it’s yours forever. If you stop paying the fee and your pet goes into the Ranch, you can still use your pet with the new Pet Summons Feature. In any case, we’ll take good care of it. It won’t lose experience points and the dice count will actually grow to 99—but no higher.

See you all in the Towers!


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