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Greetings Puppet Pals!

The balmy breeze of Fall is beginning to sweep in, and for many of you, this signals that the start of school is fast approaching. But this is no time to wave goodbye to Summer just yet! And, no doubt, there is always time to relax and have fun on Puppet Guardian even during your studies!

With the Summer Bridal Event coming soon, you will also definitely want to mark down your calendars for August 23rd at 6:00 PM EST! This will be the time to showoff those Summer fashions your puppet has neglected to wear or forgotten to share! Extreme will host the event and the moderators, Rivers, wero, and I, will be assisting him. Stay tooned for details on rules and prizes!

For those out of the loop, another 2000 Beastly Beards are needed to unlock Tower 12. A Beastly Beard can be obtained from Ipiria, the Tower 11 boss in “Mangool the Dark Forest”. Beastly Beards can be donated within Tower 10, “The Cave of Trials”, at the Tower 12 entrance, the “Underground Kingdom”. Everyone, do your beast (I mean best) and T12 will arrive in a bat of an eye! =)

Best wishes,



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Hello Puppet Guardians! Today’s tutorial is probably the most important and crucial tutorial todate. I will be explaining, how to NOT get scammed. Scams are recognized in almost every MMO out today. They are a main and big cause of disruptions in the game. In Puppet Guardian’s case, scams usually occur during, “trades.” Trades are when players use the Merchant Guild as a 3rd-wheel to swap items. This is where scams come in. When a player senses the idea of greed and power to take another player’s item(s) and not give any of his/her’s away, a scam has occurred.  Now, no one likes to get scammed, and I’ll be listing some, “methods” on how to avoid scams.

Method 1: Just – Do – Not – Trade. This way is the surest way to avoid being scammed of your hard-worked, precious items. If you need an item so badly as to risk your own goods, make it a goal to achieve  and synthesize it. Not only will it prevent a chance of a scam, but it will also give a sense of pride in completing your goal and having a new item to your collection.

Method 2: Trade with your most trusted friends/players. A true friend will not scam you.. hopefully.

Method 3: When trading, inquire that you are taking a screenshot and noting the time (timezone included). To take a screenshot of the trade, press down the print screen(prt sc) button on your keyboard and open up Paint and paste image. If a scam occurs, take this information and screenshot and report it to the staff or through the forums. You can email me at GuardianExtreme@yahoo.com

Method 4: Use a trusted 3rd-wheel player. These players can monitor everything and be used as a witness. If I am on, you can find me or message me and I will monitor the trade successfully. If a scam occurs during my observation, I will take note and action. Do not dare to take a risk.

All in all, the sure-proof way is to JUST avoid trading in general. Staff go against trading and warn it to all players. I used to trade and have been scammed countless times during my earlier times. Take this as a warning. See you guys next week!

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This is to announce the winners of the Director’s Cut version of the contest.

Jrog's Prize, the Phoenix Crest

The runner-up is Jrog for his ascent through the flames.

The winner is Tinyy with her very clever use of the game’s setting.  Her prize is the Rouge Dress and a 20 Ultimate Game Card. Congratulations to both.

Rouge Dress for Tinyy

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Here is the list of players whose excellent pictures in the Director’s Cut category have earned them Honorable Mention.  Here’s what we mean by Director’s Cut:

These captures emphasize an individual player’s own interpretation or feeling about the game, its values, and the experiences it affords.  Those who have submitted these captures have taken the role of  stage director and other Guardians usually play a part in their scene.  There is often dialogue in the scene or commentary about it to help reveal the “Director’s” intention.

I’ll let these screen caps speak for themselves, since they usually include chat dialogue.

Heriess rallies the troops!


Jrog's Protectors of Org

Kasoy's Dragon Troubles

Blackthorn's Conflict Underground!

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Hopefully everyone had some fun at Puppet Guardian’s First Thanksgiving. I enjoyed all of your costumes, some of which were really really creative, and I’m glad we got such a great turnout. I was impressed at how fast that genie went down with just bows, spears and whips too. This was a picture of everyone getting ready for the raffle. Kanzo won a Winter Storm Coat so that he could stay warm for the next few months, because it’s going to get cold with the Christmas events coming up.

Get your Santa outfits and your snowballs fast, because you’re going to need them for Saturday’s event, Santa Claus is Coming to TownWe’re going to be splitting up into smaller groups and rolling through Tower 7 to show Lester and Mirald, Puppet Guardian’s resident vampires, how we do things around here. After we’re done rolling through the tower, we’re going to have a little snowball fight. There will be exclusive Event prizes given away, so get excited. If you haven’t been following the past events, the event prizes are the same as the scratchcard items given away in Japan, but the only way to get them here is through events like this one.

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Here is the list of players whose excellent pictures in the Action Caps (see definition in my December 1 post below) category have earned them Honorable Mention.


Lisa. Great choice for background and a shot that gives a detailed view of a talented player.  Nice Composition overall.


Moronsnail. Great detail in this shot.  It’s not easy to capture all this action.  When you see this picture, you can understand a lot about the game. It’s also one of the Apprentice-themed captures.


Sing_yabuki. The gryphon is a tough opponent and this picture shows why. The Guardians in this shot both have really fun outfits.

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Revised Forum

As you may have noticed, the forums have gone through some changes over the past couple days. One big change was the addition of a Marketplace board. I know a lot of you are holding onto staffs, wands and coats of arms that you don’t really want or need, but you don’t want to sell them because you want to use them while you wait for them to sell. Or, you’re looking for a specific item, like a Cold Horn or a Giant Beetle Eye and you just can’t seem to find any on the market. Now you can just post about it on the forums and see if anyone is interested there.

The other new board is the Off Topic board. I know you guys have interests outside of the game, so why not talk about it with your friends here? Call of Duty Black Ops is coming out and I’m sure some of you are going to want to add each other on Xbox Live so that you can play together. Soccer, basketball, baseball, whatever it is that interests you we would love to hear about.

Finally, many of the boards were merged together so that all of the threads wouldn’t be so spread out. Everything in the old Playing the Game section was moved to either General Discussion or Questions.

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