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To avoid the long walk up the castle stairs to reach Splendor Mythos, we’re building a ladder to take you up there. The ladder requires 2000 rope segments, which is going to take a lot of work, so to help you along, we’re going to contribute 1 ladder segment for every 4 that the players add. In addition, every time you donate a rope segment, it will announce it to everyone playing the game so that they can see how awesome you are.

Troll Fur

To make a rope segment, you’ll first need to obtain Troll Fur and synthesize it in your jar into a rope segment. Troll fur can be found by defeating trolls in Tower 10, the Cave of Trials. If you haven’t checked that tower out yet, you definitely should.


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The Japanese developers released three more pictures from Season 2 “Splendor Mythos.” These ones are full views of the landscape we’ll get to see. We didn’t get any new information to go with them though, so you’ll just have to guess what they mean.

The Royal Palace

A Quaint City

A Tomb or Dungeon

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When I posted the last screenshots from Season 2, I promised you I would post some more, so here they are. We also got a couple of hints about Season 2 with the pictures. First is the name of Season 2. The Japanese name is “Splendor Mythos” which doesn’t make a lot of sense in English, so it’s hard to say what the English name will be. There will be new dungeons and the game will still use dice. However, Season 2 will use new dice. They also revealed that the man in the palace will give out quests.

This first one looks like it’s the same dragon’s egg seen here. I think the dragon will play a big part in Season 2’s storyline.

A mysterious egg

The second picture is another palace. If you look at the color of the stairs, you can see that this is a different palace than the other screenshots.

A mysterious person with quests

The last two screenshots show some of the new monsters. It seems like the art style has developed a little since Season 1.

Crab Monsters and a Slime Monster

Mushroom Monsters

Are you getting excited yet?

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The Japanese developers recently released some screenshots of the upcoming Season 2 of Puppet Guardian. They’re keeping very quiet about what we’ll get to see in Season 2, so the pictures don’t have any extra explanations.

A new monster! It looks like a larger version of the carbuncle to me, except with horns.

A dragon statue in the palace. Do you notice the little sapphire in its eye?

A statue of a two-headed lion. Notice the little rubies in its eyes.

The artwork for Season 2 looks amazing, doesn’t it? There are a couple more screenshots and details from Season 2 that the Japanese developers have revealed in the past, so I’ll share those too if anyone missed them. Keep checking the blog for news on everything coming up. Also look forward to Tutorial Tuesdays, where every Tuesday I’ll share a few tips and tricks to playing the game.

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