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We’re getting close to the end of this Pet campaign…

The next and penultimate of the new Pets is long legged and lean, the GIRAFFE! Never will you have a better view of the Towers than on the back of a Giraffe. This is another Pet that will not be around for long so enjoy him (her?) while you can.

The Giraffe will only be available until Saturday, 8/14, so you better hurry.


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Panda on the Loose!

The inimitable bear from the deepest eastern forests makes its appearance on the grounds of our Castle in the Celestial Skies as the latest Pet in the campaign. Don’t miss it because this pet will only be available until August 7th.  Hurry because there is no other creature like the Panda!

Two more pets after the Panda including a strange and mysterious animal, the likes of which have never been seen in the lands of Yun and Org or here on Earth.  Stay tuned!

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